Volcano Visit

On Friday, Dr. and Dr. Llewellin visited Year 3 to tell us all about their jobs as volcanologists. They told us all about the different parts of a volcano, where they can be found in the world, and what types of rocks are formed by cooling lava. Finally they showed a demonstration of a volcanic eruption using a bottle of fizzy pop and some salt! It was fantastic addition to our Science topic!

Year 2 are working with Mr Dawson on a Maths enrichment project, inspired by photographer Wilson Bentley.

It is very hard work but we are learning lots about 2D and 3D shapes ( including symmetry, tessellation and self similar shapes) and we have been looking at patterns of numbers (including triangular and squared numbers).

It is hard and we have to think for ourselves a lot while doing the practical parts of the lessons, but we have Y6 helpers with us too!

In English, we are thinking about who Wilson Bentley was and we have read 'Snowflake Bentley' by Jaquelien Briggs Martin. 

Wilson Bentley is a good reminder of how we need to be resilient and NEVER GIVE UP!


Harvest Festival

On Thursday, all the pupils in our school came together for the Harvest festival. We had collected food for the People's Kitchen in Newcastle who give food and help to the homeless. Father Barnaby led the service which included pupil prayers and readings, songs by the whole school and school choir and a presentation by Year 5 pupils who have been working closely with the People's Kitchen in preparation for their upcoming worship. At the end of the service, the van from the Kitchen came and collected our offerings.

Welcome to our school.

We hope you enjoy your time here with our fantastic children and get an idea of the activities we take part in and the talents we have.

Please enjoy looking at examples of our work and our lovely school environment. We feel very lucky to be part of St. Margaret's and hope you feel the same.

Russian Visitor

In November, we hosted a Russian teacher, Svetlana, at St. Margaret's for a week. She visited each class to tell them all about life, and school, in Russia. She also shared a traditional tale with Year 2 and Year 3, and the children were even able to act out the story using the masks she had brought with her! Year 1 were shown several matryoskha (Russian dolls) and decorated their own, while the buddies were taught a number of Russian playground games to share with the rest of the school. We loved having a special visitor, and we all learnt a lot!

Mrs Bhat treated the staff to a special tea as a thank you for our hard work.

Thank you Mrs Bhat!

Russian visitor

We had a Russian teacher visit our school and she came to work with Year 2. She told us all about what it was like to live in Russia and then told us some traditional tales. She even brought masks so we could act out the traditional story about friendship and sharing.

We love learning about other countries!

County ESFA Football Winners

This week, our school football team competed in the English Schools' FA County Durham Cup final, against 3 other teams representing their area of County Durham. The team had already won three rounds to get to this stage and in a night of great skill and determination managed to win two games and draw the other making them clear winners of the competition. They were presented with the very impressive looking Daniel O'Hare trophy and will now go on to represent Durham in the North of England final in Sheffield. What an achievement!