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School environment

St. Margaret’s Primary School is a Church of England Controlled School, situated in a very pleasant environment on the western edge of Durham City. The school has a long history dating back to 1861 - the current buildings were opened in the mid 1970s.

We are a large Primary School, with over 420 pupils on site, split between two buildings. Academic expectation is high, driven by a varied and exciting curriculum, particularly focused on using the school grounds and local environment of Durham City - resources we feel very lucky to have.

School Structure

As a large primary school, our management team play an important role in ensuring a well designed and coordinated education for our pupils.

Head teacher - Mrs. H. Tait

Deputy Head teacher - Mr. A. Baker

Assistant Head and KS1 leader - Mrs. A. Bell

Assistant Head and KS2 leader - Mrs. C. Black

Upper KS2 leader - Mrs. C. Frew

EYFS leader - Miss. L. Heightley

SENDCO - Miss N Poskett

Class organisation

EYFS - Red and Blue Class

Miss. L. Heightley (maternity covered by Ms. J Bell ) and Mrs. C. McNicholas, supported by Mrs H. Ness, Mrs L Rowe and Ms. A Sutcliffe.

Year 1 - Green Class and Rainbow Class

Mrs. J. White and Miss. H. Southwick, supported by Miss H MackKenzie and Mrs. M. van Lent. 

In Year One, pupils are introduced to the National Curriculum where they are given the opportunity to explore topics such as ‘Houses and Homes’, ‘Island Adventures’ and ‘The Seaside’. Throughout the year, pupils have access to a fantastic outdoor area and a range of areas inside the classroom.

Year 2 - Yellow and Lilac Class

Mrs. A. Bell and Miss. N. Poskett, supported by Mrs. M. Brown. Management time cover provided by Mrs. K Rose.

Year 3 - Orange and Purple Class

Mrs. K. Stoker and Mrs A Hague, supported by Mrs. A. Reay (SEND support across all classes) and Mrs D Gibson .

Year 4 - White and Brown Class

Mrs. C. Black and, Miss. E. Pringle, supported by Mrs. S Fenwick, Mrs. G Laws and Mrs L Kerr. Management time cover provided by Mrs K Hunter.

Year 5 - Mauve and Grey Class

Mrs. C. Frew and Miss. H. Lambert, supported by Mrs. A. Williams.

As pupils enter the Upper Juniors, there are many more opportunitites to take on roles of responsibility, for example by being playground buddies. They have the opportunity to take part in various visits, including Bede's World and Durham University Science Labs before going on a three day residential later in the year exploring the geographical area of the Lake District. They perform their own pantomime at Christmas and many pupils continue to develop their skills in music and sport.

Year 6 - Gold and Silver Class

Mr. A. Baker, Mrs. L. Burdon and Mrs. R Barker, supported by Mrs C Knox. Management time cover provided by Mr. S. Barella.

Pupils in their final year of our school are encouraged to become more self organised as they move between three different teaching environments. As the oldest pupils, they are very active and hold many positions of responsibility across school. They also lead the way in music, performance, sport and all areas of school life.

Other Staff

Pe Coach - Mr. T. Young

Mr. Young, who is employed via Simply Sport Coaching, teaches many classes across the school, weekly for PE. This gives him a unique ability to understand the progression of skills across school and build strong relationships with pupils and teachers, year on year. His background in sport and coaching, allied with the many governing body qualifications he holds, ensures pupils of all ages receive the highest quality PE provision.

He also runs after school clubs, in various sports, across the year meaning these relationships and his knowledge of pupil needs can tractor in to after school opportunities, for our children to enjoy..

Don't forget a change of clothes, footwear, towel and a bag when you have forest Schools

Forest Schools Instructor - Mr. M. Rose

In school every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Mr. Rose works in all year groups providing Forest School sessions and some PE. Pupils get the chance to explore the incredible grounds, developing skills of team work, cooperation, wildlife study and many other curriculum areas. 

He also provides outdoor activities, running after school clubs including wood craft, fencing and archery. Five times across the year, pupils in Year 6 can take part in a Christian linked Outdoor Activity Club, involving abseiling, night survival, archery, river scrambling and climbing.

Pe Apprentice - Mr. A Vincent

Mr. Vincent is a full time member of staff in our school, employed as part of the sports apprentice scheme. He supports all PE and physical activity across school, increasing staff to pupil ratios allowing for more high quality teaching of skills. 

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