Art & Design 

Statement of Intent:

At St. Margaret’s, we see Art as a vehicle for creativity, exploration and personal expression. We deliver a varied and high-quality art and design skills-based curriculum which is engaging, inspiring and challenging. In doing this we believe we equip our children with the knowledge, skills and experience to experiment, invent and produce their own works of art, craft and design and thus develop their arts capital through the pleasure and enjoyment of art.

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Arts Week 

Every year we dedicate a whole week entirely to The Arts. This always takes place the week before we break up for summer half term, usually the week after SATs. It is a fantastic week, full of many arts-based activities based on a theme which changes every year. At the end of Arts Week, we organise an exhibition to showcase all of the hard work and the variety of opportunities the children have experienced throughout the week, which all of our parents are invited to. Professional artists are also invited into school during the week to share their expertise with the children.

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