Vision & Values

“Let your light shine before people that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven.” – Matthew ch.5 v 16.

At St Margaret’s, this bible verse gives vision to our school community of staff, pupils and parents. We strive to provide a stimulating environment where pupils discover and develop many talents for the benefit of themselves and others.

As a church school, Christian faith is at the core of our work. Christian values set the guidance for learning, activities and the atmosphere at St. Margaret’s. Much of our work in worship, lessons, extra-curricular activities and social interaction engages pupils in identifying the Christ-like values that allow them to shine.

We celebrate the uniqueness of everyone within our community, and as such we welcome and respect children and families of all faiths and none.

Aims and Values

St Margaret’s C of E Primary is a ‘Caring, Celebratory, Courageous, Christ-like, Community, rooted in Love.’

Our key Christian values are represented by the hand which helps us to remember them:

  • · Caring
  • · Celebratory 
  • · Courageous
  • · Christ-like
  • · Community


These values are at the heart of all that we do as school community. Every day we aim to:

1. Create and maintain a safe, caring, supportive and stimulating environment, that is fully inclusive and non-discriminatory, where every child is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

2. Encourage pupils to develop an awareness of moral values, empathy and a respectful attitude towards all members of the school and wider community.

3. Provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that: ensures continuity and progression; is accessible to all pupils; is appropriate to their individual needs; is in accordance with the demands of National Curriculum and places emphasis on the importance of numeracy and literacy.

4. Be aware of the range of abilities and experiences of all pupils and meet their individual needs (including any special educational needs, disabilities, English as an additional language and special gifts and talents).

5. Assess, record and track the progress of all individual children and use the information to guide their future progress, (involving pupils, teachers and parents in their further development); ensuring that each child is set challenging but achievable objectives.

6. Provide opportunities for children to develop their communication, social and problem solving skills, in order to develop confidence, independence and self-esteem and to encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour and be aware of the effect it has on other people.

7. Provide opportunities for children to develop their personal talents and interests within the wider school curriculum.

8. Provide for children’s religious and spiritual development, including appropriate time and opportunity for high quality Collective Worship and Religious Education


KS2 Values Reward Scheme

Our KS2 reward system is designed to recognise when pupils ‘Let their light shine’ and also encourage them to focus and develop new skills and ways to do this. Feel free to view the letter to parents below which explains how this system works.

Prayer and Reflection 

Opportunities for prayer and reflection are regularly available for pupils in school, during services and at set points in the day, such as lunch time. We believe, however, that prayer, stillness and reflection are vital tools in helping pupils understand themselves and the challenges that modern life can bring. We try to create many opportunities for pupils to think about themselves and others, allowing them to take time to process the impact they can have to help themselves and others, with God’s support.

Visiting the life exhibition with Year 6 pupils, on the day which SAT’s tests finished, offered a great opportunity to answer some of the questions of life and Christianity. With the backdrop of the Cathedral behind them, pupils listened to and watched inspirational videos on personal tablets, answered interactive quizzes and delved in to the life of Jesus in the ‘video tent’. A truly inspirational opportunity to reflect and pray at a very pertinent time. As one pupil commented, ‘It made the Cathedral modern and exciting. It was great to think about God like that and how he could help us after the pressure of SATs this week’.