We believe that play is vital for children’s health, happiness, development and wellbeing. In Autumn 2022 we began our journey with OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning). Research shows that children spend 20% of their time in school playing. We share OPAL’s vision that all children should have access to high quality play every day. 

We are extremely lucky at St Margaret’s to have such a rich and varied landscape in which our children can play. We have committed to enhancing our grounds further by creating play zones.  


Over lunchtimes children have free access to both infant, junior and field area play zones. This means our infant and junior children can mix and enjoy playing together.  

We follow the School Vision and Christian Values throughout our play sessions, so that our children are empowered to ‘Let their light shine” as they play. Each week one year group receives our prestigious ‘Golden Welly’ award in our celebration Worship. The award celebrates children who demonstrate outstanding engagement, creativity, enthusiasm and innovation while participating in OPAL. 


Play Charter

We believe play is an essential part of the school day. During playtime at St. Margaret’s Primary School we will: 

  • Use kind hands, feet and words 
  • Make our own sensible choices 
  • Tidy up and take care of equipment 
  • Play safely 
  • Include everyone 
  • Treat others how we’d like to be treated 
  • Take opportunities to challenge ourselves 
  • Listen to and value others 
  • Endeavour to sort out problems for ourselves 
  • Take turns and share 
  • Encourage different types of play 


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