SEN Transition

We plan carefully for all stages of transition, both from year to year and for pupils progressing to new Key Stages and school placements. We have systems in place to ensure that transitions are smooth and effective for all pupils.

How we support children/young people with SEN starting at our school:

Early Years Staff make visits to all feeder Nurseries to meet the children who will be starting our school. They spend time working with the children, observing them in a familiar environment and talking to their key workers. Following this, parents will be invited to visit school for an induction meeting. Parents will be invited to meet the staff and share any concerns they have. We also have a series of visit days. These are timetabled so that children can have an experience of either end of the school day including lunch. For children with SEND, we have further visits, where the children can meet key staff and we would provide a transition booklet for them to review at home.  Additional visits to the Nursery to meet with the Head/SENCO would also be arranged.

How we support children/young people with SEN moving between classes in our school:

At St. Margaret’s staff work closely within each milestone so children become familiar with each staff team. Every year we have a ‘Move up day’ where children spend the morning in their new classroom, meeting their new teacher, and learning about the following year.  Staff have meetings each year to share information. For those children who require provision that is additional to or different from quality first teaching, we make additional arrangements to support these children through the transition. This can include spending additional time in their new classroom, visiting their new classroom with their current member of support staff and beginning transition arrangements earlier in the Summer Term. The support provided is tailored to the needs of individual children and will be discussed with parents and carers and the child. Children with SEND within the school are given a ‘transition booklet/pamphlet’ each year as they move from year to year to help them feel secure about school.

How we support children/young people with SEN leaving our school:

We work with dedicated staff from local Secondary Schools who visit our school and liaise with staff to ensure that information about individual children can be shared and provision made.  This member of staff usually spends time during the summer term with the children in year 6 who will be transitioning to their school.

Time is given over explicitly for transition workers to spend time with children and for information to be shared concerning their SEND.